Welcome to the Archive K-12 Confab!

Welcome to the blog! So you may be asking, what exactly is a confab? According to Merriam-Webster, confab is a “chat or discussion” and that is exactly what we want to happen here – a dialogue between classroom teachers, research scientists, and everyone interested in K-12 science education.

How are we going to get the chatter started? We are going to provide interesting content for you to discuss! Every week we will have a new blog post from a guest teacher, research scientist, or Archive Partner. Below are some of the topics we will confab about:

Confab Topics

  • Current science content (Who here doesn’t love science?)
  • Science education issues and policies (Think NGSS implementation and Six Star Science)
  • Effective science education teaching resources (That is our specialty after all!)
  • Programs for teachers and students (We’re talking professional development, bringing a physiologist into your classroom, etc.)
  • Insert your topic here (Yes, we want input from you…that’s why we have a comments section)

So read the blog posts, leave a comment, and then jump over to our High School Educator Forum or Middle School Educator Forum to keep the confab going! (Don’t worry, an Elementary Educator Forum is coming soon!)

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