Introducing the New Life Science Teaching Resource Community

lifesci-box-highresNew Community

We are pleased to welcome you to the new Life Science Teaching Resource Community, previously the Archive of Teacing Resources. Our goal is to provide you with a free online environment where you can share ideas and expertise with fellow educators to transform science education for your students. We will continue to offer our online library of free, peer-reviewed teaching resources, but will now provide you with more.

New Tools

The Life Science Teaching Resource Community (LifeSciTRC) offers a number of tools that allow educators to share their ideas and teaching expertise including:

  • Community Pages with news and recommended teaching resources
  • Blogs focusing on classroom and science topics relevant to educators
  • Forums for educator-led discussions
  • Resource Rating and Commenting areas that allow educators to share their experiences of using resources
  • Monthly Newsletters highlighting community members, news, and resources


New Partners

In addition to the new name, the LifeSciTRC will feature three new scientific society partners: The Physiological Society, Genetics Society of America, and American Society of Plant Biologists. These societies will join the current partners: American Physiological Society, Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, Society for Developmental Biology, American Association of Anatomists, Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, and Northwest Association for Biomedical Research in offering over 6,000 free, scientifically accurate teaching resources to the community.

Our new partners will be adding their resources to the LifeSciTRC over the coming months, so keep an eye out for their materials on the LifeSciTRC home page and in upcoming newsletters.

Visit Us Today and Enter Our Drawing!

To celebrate the launch of our new community, we will be holding a drawing for free prizes during the month of April. All you need to do by April 30 is:

  • Visit the Community Forums
  • Select the Forum most appropriate to the grade level you teach
  • Post a brief introduction to the community and share what you hope to gain by participating

Once you have done so, you will automatically be entered in our drawing. We hope that you will visit the LifeSciTRC soon and discover all that we have to offer!

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7 thoughts on “Introducing the New Life Science Teaching Resource Community”

I was excited to hear about the name change of the Archive to LifeSc­iTRC .  I think it is more inclusive of all of the different types of resources that are available here.  I think when I first heard about the Archive from APS, I wasn’t sure what is was or how it could relate to me since I don’t teach a straight physiology course.  Now that the name is broader, I think I will have a better time convincing my colleagues that there are great resources here.


Very happy to hear about the launch of Life Sci­ence Teach­ing Resource Com­mu­nity.  I am inetersted in exploring more into student learning and I am very happy that I can get hold of some excellent resources which I could try out in the classroom.

Reem Abraham

Congratulations on the successful transformation! It’s very exciting to learn about the new partnerships and to see that the Archive will continue to provide us with wonderful resources, productive forums and informative news. I look forward to participating in the new LifeSciTRC.

I’m excited to see the name change into the LifeSciTRC! I think the purposes of the LifeSciTRC it will be more clear to all life sci teachers, allowing for a greater draw of professional and resources. I am especially excited to hear about our new partners! I’m looking forward to their new resources, as they’ll help to provide a new set  of content resources (eg, Plant Biology). Can’t wait to see the new changes being implemented!

Love the name change, I think it makes this archive seem immediately more accessible – in this world of so many resources and opportunities for teachers; I think this will help get a great deal more traffic to the site; and it’s deserved traffic, because the resources here for teachers are phenomenal and they apply to all levels of teaching science and there’s something for every subject as well (okay, maybe a bit short on plant materials, but you know what I mean.)

    American Society of Plant Biologists is one of our new Partners and will be adding their materials in the coming months. Thanks to them, our shortage of plant materials will soon be fixed.

Check out the community forums.  This is where you can directly interact with like-minded colleagues in order to find appropriate teaching resources.  There are different forums for K-12 educators, undergraduate educators, graduate and professional educators, as well as for general questions about the site.  Create your own thread or reply to one that interests you.  You can share resources that work for you or request resources that have worked for others.  For example, on the K-12 Educators page there is a link for turning your iPhone into a microscope.  Have fun!

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