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A New Year and New Science Education?

Happy New Year from the Archive of Teaching Resources!students desk

As a new calendar year starts, I like to sit and reflect on the happenings over the past year and begin planning for the future. One benefit of serving as the Archive Manager is that I have the opportunity to think about and see examples of science education from the kindergarten to graduate level. This year has brought some BIG SHIFTS in science education and the standards that are recommended to be used in education.

This year, the Next Generation Science Standards were released for K-12 education and Vision and Change in Science Education continues to spread throughout undergraduate education. What makes me happy to see is that both of these documents focus on making science student-centered, integrative, and concept-centered. As a scientist myself, I am pleased to know that there is such a large push for the next generation of students to experience all aspects of science and learn how it applies to their lives. However, what makes me even more happy is to look back over the resources that have been submitted by YOU, the Archive Users, and to see that you are already making science interactive, integrative, and applicable for the next generation of students.

I tip my hat to each and every one of you for your foresight and vision for science education. I believe the next step is to share your experience and wisdom with other educators so we can continue to improve science education for all students. I hope that over the coming year we can work together to spread the “new” wave of science education. Please continue to share your resources, thoughts, and expertise with the Archive community and consider sharing this community with others. My New Year’s Resolution is to continue reaching out to and supporting teachers like you.

What is your New Year’s Resolution? Comment Below.