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Introducing the New Life Science Teaching Resource Community

lifesci-box-highresNew Community

We are pleased to welcome you to the new Life Science Teaching Resource Community, previously the Archive of Teacing Resources. Our goal is to provide you with a free online environment where you can share ideas and expertise with fellow educators to transform science education for your students. We will continue to offer our online library of free, peer-reviewed teaching resources, but will now provide you with more.

New Tools

The Life Science Teaching Resource Community (LifeSciTRC) offers a number of tools that allow educators to share their ideas and teaching expertise including:

  • Community Pages with news and recommended teaching resources
  • Blogs focusing on classroom and science topics relevant to educators
  • Forums for educator-led discussions
  • Resource Rating and Commenting areas that allow educators to share their experiences of using resources
  • Monthly Newsletters highlighting community members, news, and resources


New Partners

In addition to the new name, the LifeSciTRC will feature three new scientific society partners: The Physiological Society, Genetics Society of America, and American Society of Plant Biologists. These societies will join the current partners: American Physiological Society, Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, Society for Developmental Biology, American Association of Anatomists, Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, and Northwest Association for Biomedical Research in offering over 6,000 free, scientifically accurate teaching resources to the community.

Our new partners will be adding their resources to the LifeSciTRC over the coming months, so keep an eye out for their materials on the LifeSciTRC home page and in upcoming newsletters.

Visit Us Today and Enter Our Drawing!

To celebrate the launch of our new community, we will be holding a drawing for free prizes during the month of April. All you need to do by April 30 is:

  • Visit the Community Forums
  • Select the Forum most appropriate to the grade level you teach
  • Post a brief introduction to the community and share what you hope to gain by participating

Once you have done so, you will automatically be entered in our drawing. We hope that you will visit the LifeSciTRC soon and discover all that we have to offer!


Welcome to the Archive K-12 Confab!

Welcome to the blog! So you may be asking, what exactly is a confab? According to Merriam-Webster, confab is a “chat or discussion” and that is exactly what we want to happen here – a dialogue between classroom teachers, research scientists, and everyone interested in K-12 science education.

How are we going to get the chatter started? We are going to provide interesting content for you to discuss! Every week we will have a new blog post from a guest teacher, research scientist, or Archive Partner. Below are some of the topics we will confab about:

Confab Topics

  • Current science content (Who here doesn’t love science?)
  • Science education issues and policies (Think NGSS implementation and Six Star Science)
  • Effective science education teaching resources (That is our specialty after all!)
  • Programs for teachers and students (We’re talking professional development, bringing a physiologist into your classroom, etc.)
  • Insert your topic here (Yes, we want input from you…that’s why we have a comments section)

So read the blog posts, leave a comment, and then jump over to our High School Educator Forum or Middle School Educator Forum to keep the confab going! (Don’t worry, an Elementary Educator Forum is coming soon!)