Vale Associate Professor Elizabeth (Liz) Davis

It is with incredible sadness that we announce that Elizabeth (Liz) Davis passed away on October 26th 2021. Liz was enormously valued by everyone in the biomedical community at Monash University – her generosity of spirit, kindness toward others and endless talents as a teacher and mentor have benefited everyone. Liz’s reputation for excellence and leadership in education was recognized both nationally and internationally. Through her roles as the inaugural Chair of the ASCEPT Education Forum and Chair of the IUPHAR Education Section, she raised the profile of pharmacology education. Liz was an active member of the team that developed threshold learning outcomes in pharmacology teaching and identified “core concepts” that underpin pharmacology. The two recent publications of this work (Pharmacology Research & Perspectives), are a fitting recognition of her invaluable contributions to the discipline. In addition to her excellence in pharmacology education, Liz was a long-time reviewer and Editorial Board member of Advances in Physiology Education.  In fact, she was in the process of reviewing two manuscripts for Advances at the time or her death.  Liz leaves a lasting legacy as a much-loved educator by international colleagues and past students.

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