February 2018 Social Media Collection: Alternative Careers

More young scientists are leaving academia and perusing non-traditional or alternative careers. However, most PhDs do not end up in tenure-track professorships so alternative careers are really the normal track rather than the alternative. It’s important for all young scientists to explore alternative career options regardless of their career aspirations. These alternative careers open more options to PhD scientists and should not be thought of as a worse alternative to the traditional professorship track.




Post #1: This month we’re discussing alternative careers in physiology, stay tuned!


Post #2:  Should we really call non-academic jobs “alternative careers”?



Post #3: How do you decide if leaving academia is right for you? http://www.sciencemag.org/careers/2016/03/leaving-academia


Post #4: The job market for PhDs may not be as bad as we think



Post #5: Where do Science PhDs go post-graduation?



Post #6: Where do Biology PhDs end up working?



Post #7: How to survive the ” Postdocalypse”



Post #8: Top 10 “Alternative Careers” for Science PhDs



Post #9: Is graduate school worth it?



Post #10: Tips for exploring alternative careers



Post #11: Think outside the box!



Post #12: Tips on transferring to Industry



  Amanda Miller, PhD is a post-doctoral fellow at Penn State College of Medicine. She researches how the renin-angiotensin system alters the sympathetic nervous system and vascular function in mice and humans.

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