June 2018 Social Media Collection: Conflict Resolution

As scientists and educators, we often concern ourselves with doing the best experiment or scrambling to prepare for lecture. But the fact of the matter is a major part of our jobs may involve dealing with difficult people in the lab, classroom, and office. This collection of posts explores different types of conflicts that may arise, why they arise, and how to deal with them.




Post #1: The mentor-mentee relationship can be difficult. Here’s how to finish graduate school with a toxic mentor.


Post #2: Tips on handling conflict in the lab!


Post #3 A non-scientists perspective on dealing with difficult people


Post #4 Science is collaborative, but who gets credit? Tips for negotiating authorship


Post #5 We need to strive for equality in science. Women share their experience in STEM PhDs


Joe Santin, PhD is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. His research focuses on understanding how neural circuits in the brain work by studying a diverse range of animals.

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