July 2018 Social Media Collection: Negotiation

Negotiation is both a skill and an art. Understanding your strengths and weakness will help you to best promote yourself and succeed in interviews and getting the position you are aiming for. By learning about your personality type, and that of others, you will be able to not only put your best foot forward, but to utilize your knowledge to manage expectations of other personality types.



Post #1:  Want to learn more about negotiating? Start reading our July “Negotiation series”. First round – “Know These Things Before Negotiating”


Post #2: Can I negotiate?


Post #3: Academic Scientists at Work: Negotiating a Faculty Position


Post #4: How to negotiate your tenure track offer?


Post #5:  Do’s and Don’ts! Round 5 – How (Not) to Negotiate a Tenure Track Salary


Post #6: Dual career couples have become a norm. How to search and negotiation for two 


Post #7: What does it take to make an institution more diverse?


Post #8: Managing Up in Academe. Let’s learn about effective professional communication and productivity!


Post #9: Negotiating As Therapy


Post #10: Job X Is Not Job Y (And Wishing Won’t Make It So)


Post #11:  Negotiation Tactics and Strategies


Malgorzata Kasztan, PhD is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She researches how the endothelin system alters kidney structure and function in different models of chronic kidney disease.

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