Negotiating Is a Skill – Let’s Learn It Together

Negotiation is both a skill and an art. Understanding your strengths and weakness will help you to best promote yourself and succeed in interviews and getting the position you are aiming for. By learning about your personality type, and that of others, you will be able to not only put your best foot forward, but to utilize your knowledge to manage expectations of other personality types. We will open a window onto the negotiation skills for every step of the way, from getting a position to climbing the ladder of success in diverse settings. Getting a position is not the end of the negotiation process. These skills will continue to be useful throughout your career as you ask for promotions, work in committees, move into new spaces, apply for both internal and external grants, and navigate the hierarchy at your institution. The Women in Physiology Mentoring Symposium for EB 2016 will focus on what negotiation really is: using the right tools and the right approach to succeed in any discipline. To address this issue, we will discuss personality types, help you to determine yours and teach you skills to maximize your strengths based on your gender and your own personality. In addition, negotiation skills will be discussed, both in general and in more specific areas with a panel of speakers from various fields, including academia, industry and the military. These speakers will give an overview of specific negotiation skills related to these environments, including issues you should be aware of, what you should ask for, how to ask, and what’s “soft” in each setting. These presentations will be followed by an additional 20 minutes question and answer session with the speaker panel.



  • Making Your Personality Type Work for You
    Diane Klotz, Sanford Burnham Presby Medical Discovery Institute
  • Negotiation 101: Skills Everyone Needs
    Trevor Blair, Manpower 
  • Negotiation 201: Industry Sales/Marketing
    Katherine Atkinson, Illumina, Inc.
  • Negotiation 201: Industry R&D
    Magdalena Alonso-Galicia, Bayer HealthCare LLC 
  • Negotiation 201: Academia Research
    Kim BarrettUCSD
  • Negotiation 201: Academia Teaching
    Jennifer K Uno, Elon Univ. 
  • Negotiation 201: Military
    Kathy Ryan, US Army Institute of Surgical Res,
  • Panel Discussion


You can find links to all presentations here:

Malgorzata Kasztan, PhD is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She researches how the endothelin system alters renal structure and function in chronic kidney disease.

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