January 2019 Social Media Collection: Grant Writing

In scientific research, we strive to develop groundbreaking hypotheses that push the edges of our understanding. However, groundbreaking ideas are just the beginning. Equally important are the skills needed to effectively communicate your grant proposal, so you can secure the funding necessary to complete a thorough investigation.

Below are links that break down the components of preparing an effective proposal to make your brilliant ideas standout in a sea of others.


Post #1: Before putting pen to paper, it is important to know the basics of a NIH-style grant. The following link provides a general information for writing a successful proposal.



Post #2: First things first, you have to have a plan! Check out the six-part series titled “How Not to Kill a Grant Proposal.”



Post #3: Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your grant. Avoid procrastination and give yourself the time needed to review and edit your proposal before hitting submit.



Post #4: For early investigators, fellowships require a little something extra. This article focuses on the importance of a well-crafted training plan and research goals in your proposal.



Post #5: Here are some of the best kept secrets to writing a winning grant proposal.





Lauren Stein, PhD is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Her research focuses on the neuroendocrine control of energy balance using rodent models of obesity.

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