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February 2019 Social Media Collection: Networking for Your Dream Career

Networking is a way to share ideas, to bring people with similar interests together, but most importantly, for people to share opportunities. Whether you’re a doctoral candidate or a junior faculty, networking is important if you’re still looking for your dream job. However, you can spell network without work. It takes work to get started, to maintain connections, and build your network. Here are some resources to help you get started with building your network, keeping it strong, and how to properly use it once you have it.


Post #1: Tips For Success: Networking is Not a Bad Word


Post #2: Opportunities Come Through People


Post #3: Tooling Up: More than Just a Job-Seeking Skill


Post #4: Expanding Your Career Networks


Post #5: 13 networking tips that can help you land your dream job


Post #6: Networking: How to Get a Good Connection


Post #7: Build Your Professional Network



Liz Cambron is a doctoral candidate at North Dakota State University. Her research focuses on the genetic and physiological mechanisms during non-feeding periods in insect development.