Get a Job You Love: How to Network for Your Dream Career

They say it isn’t about what you know, but WHO you know. Whether you’re pursuing a career in academia or in a non-academic setting, creating a network is crucial for professional development and job hunting. What if you only know professors in academia but want a job in industry? How do you get in contact with the right people? It may feel overwhelming to not know where to start, especially for individuals who find introductions intimidating. APS has speakers that have talked about techniques for networking, how to get started, and how to come up with a game plan for networking for your dream job. Here are just a few of previous presentations that can help you love networking!


The W’s of Networking in Physiology

Keisa W. Mathis, University of North Texas Health Science Center


New and old techniques to build your network, effectively tell your story, and obtain grant funding

John Raymond, Medical College of Wisconsin 


The Long and Winding Road of Career Development

Lois Lehman-McKeeman, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Liz Cambron is a doctoral candidate at North Dakota State University. Her research focuses on the genetic and physiological mechanisms during non-feeding periods in insect development.

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