April 2019 Social Media Collection: Adaptability

Adaptability is the most sought after soft sill in an ever-changing professional landscape.  With technologies and industries constantly evolving, being adaptable provides a competitive advantage in the workplace.  Developing a flexible mindset, embracing change and taking risks is vital to building a successful career in academia or industry.  Below are links to some helpful resources on key adaptability skills.

Post #1 Benefits of being adaptable


Post #2 Responding positively to change and being resilient is key to success


Post #3 Some key characteristics of an adaptable person


Post #4 Demonstrating adaptability and flexibility through action on the job


Post #5 Career adaptability and career competencies predict students’ well-being and performance


Post#6 Examples of workplace flexibility skills



Nalini Kulkarni, PhD is a scientist in biotechnology discovery research at Eli Lilly and Company.  Her work focuses on discovering and enabling novel drug targets for chronic pain and neurodegenerative diseases.

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