Exploring alternative career paths for Ph.D. scientists in life sciences

A wide range of interesting opportunities are available to PhD scientists in academic settings that don’t require a faculty appointment.  Alternatively, working in a pharma or biotech also offers many career options from bench research to product development to marketing and business administration.  Overall, the key to success is, being flexible and adaptable to change, developing the ability to leverage transferable skills, and be willing to work in teams with a collaborative spirit.

This post will cover some of the resources and articles on alternative careers for PhD scientists.  Part of this topic will also be addressed in the TAC symposium “Career Development Opportunites Outside the Academia –How to get there” at the 2019 Experimental Biology Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Post #1 Non-academic careers for PhD scientists


Post #2 Alternate career paths in academia for Ph.D. scientists that don’t require a faculty appointment


Post #3 Valuable skills beyond the bench


Post #4 Opportunities for scientists outside of research


Post #5 Job prospects for junior scientists beyond academia


Post #6 Tips and skills to get into biotech and pharma industries


Post #7 Developing transferable job skills


Post # 8 Convergence of academia and industry-An interesting article on how to transition both ways and have a successful career



Nalini Kulkarni, PhD is a scientist in biotechnology discovery research at Eli Lilly and Company.  Her work focuses on discovering and enabling novel drug targets for chronic pain and neurodegenerative diseases.

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