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December 2018 Social Media Collection: Persevering in Science

Reject, reject, reject! Careers in science are full of set-backs.  Papers get rejected, grant proposals are triaged, promotions are denied. So how do we overcome what seems to be an endless barrage of obstacles? This month we will be discussing some of the major challenges frequently faced by scientists and identify key strategies to persevere while pursuing a successful career in science.

Post #1: You don’t need to be a Noble Laureate to know science is a tough gig! Check out the link for advice from past Nobel winners on pushing through setbacks to succeed.



Post #2: Scientist faces some big challenges in pursuing a career. This article identifies some of the largest obstacles and addresses what we can do to fix it.



Post #3: Surviving academia as an early career researcher: an unreliable guide



Post #4: Mind Matters: Resilience



Post #5: In the job search, it pays to take the difficult path



Post #6: A PhD Job Search – What’s Normal and What’s Not Normal



Post #7: Managing the Emotional Side of Job Search



Post #8: Recognizing and managing stress in academic life



Post #9: Emotional Fatigue: Coping with Academic Pressure






Lauren Stein, PhD is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research focuses on the neuroendocrine control of energy balance using rodent models of obesity.