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Welcome to the APS Undergraduate Researcher Blog!

The American Physiological Society (APS) and the Life Science Teaching Resource Community (LifeSc­iTRC) are pleased to bring you the APS Undergraduate (UG) Researcher Blog. This blog is dedicated to:

  • Young ProfessionalsProviding an outlet for undergraduate researchers to share their fellowship experiences, discuss current physiological research, and share their career exploration and planning;
  • Encouraging undergrads to participate in the LifeSciTRC undergraduate researcher community, including taking leadership roles in the blog by learning how to write a blog post and comment on blog posts; and
  • Helping undergrads stay current in science content knowledge and professional development.

Interested? Monthly, we will provide discussion topics such as:

  • Science content/science stories
  • Society research stories related to comparative physiology topics
  • Careers in physiology
  • Tips on attending a national conference

Come read the blog, and leave your comments!
This blog is just one way to chat with other APS Undergraduate Researchers. Also be sure to join us on Facebook APS Undergraduate Researcher and Twitter APS Education
If you’d like to write a blog, email us at to sign up with a suggested topic. You only need to provide 2-3 paragraphs. You can cite it on your resume too! For a good example of a blog post, see the I Spy Physiology blog at

Brooke Bruthers is Senior Program Manager for Diversity Programs at the American Physiological Society. Her main responsibilities include developing, organizing, and implementing education projects aimed at promoting diversity among physiologists and career advancement among physiologists from underrepresented groups. This includes several undergraduate summer research fellowship programs (STEP-UP, STRIDE, and IOSP), Minority Travel Fellowship Awards, Steven M. Horvath Professional Opportunity Awards, Porter Physiology Development Fellowship program, and the K-12 Minority Outreach Fellowship program. She works extensively with both the Porter Physiology Development and Minority Affairs and the Women in Physiology Committees on these projects and regularly attends meetings and conferences to give presentations about these programs.

Melinda Lowy




Melinda Lowy is the Senior Program Manager for Higher Education Programs at the American Physiological Society. She is responsible for most of the awards and fellowship programs at the higher education level. At the undergraduate level, this includes several summer research fellowship programs, such as STEP-UP, STRIDE, and IOSP. She manages special orientation sessions, poster sessions and award programs at the Experimental Biology meeting for undergraduates, including a video contest. She also develops professional skills training courses, both live and online, for all levels.