Welcome to the New and Improved Undergraduate Researcher Blog!

Welcome to the newly revamped blog! Future posts are written by APS undergraduate summer research fellows to showcase their research and share their fellowship experiences with other undergraduates and the general public.

Every week, we will feature one or two entries from our fellows covering a range of research topics and sharing thoughts on the realities of research and perceptions of the life of a scientist. Please feel free to join in by commenting below each post!

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Allison Hood is the Undergraduate Program Coordinator at the American Physiological Society. She is responsible for organizing and overseeing education projects aimed at fostering and promoting research and career development at the undergraduate level. Projects include the undergraduate summer research fellowship programs (UGSRF, UGREF, STRIDE and IOSP), the Barbara A. Horwitz/John M. Horowitz Outstanding Undergraduate Abstract Awards, the David S. Bruce Excellence in Undergraduate Research Awards, and undergraduate sessions at the annual Experimental Biology meeting. She joined the APS education team in 2013.

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